Monday, September 2, 2013


I haven't been able to post new articles here for a looong time. There were just so many things that went on right after the operation that most of the time, I am in mobile mode. After one and a half year, The Guin is back (I hope, for good), now that I found this blog app for Android. Hope it works just fine.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bridal Fairs and Events Galore: February

Thanks to Philip Martin for this cute clipart
Hello again peeps. It's been a long time since I posted something like this, and as usual, this is really gonna be something quick. Just wanted to give you guys a rundown of events happening this love month. Now, I and the Other Guin may be done scouting for crew, since Cosa Nostra had been a success. But that doesn't mean we cannot attend fairs anymore, does it? Well, the Other Guin and I have thinking of including events into our operations (so if you need someone to check on your events, just call on the Wedding Mafia), so I guess we can still roam around fairs, right?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dear Dad

Hi Dad,

Just wanted to leave you a note (yeah, I know you have internet there)... Just like what I posted on my FB status this morning, I'm gonna say it again (just in case you did not check my FB).

You left us 20 years ago, on this very day. And things really went crazy. I guess I dont need to tell you why and how. Just ask them, in case you were busy roaming around with your best friend, just like how you spent weekends before.

I just wanted to say how I miss you... I miss you soo bad. By the way, you missed my wedding. Ninang was there, and she was the only one from famiglia nostra. At some point, I felt I didn't belong to any family, but I know I'm blessed that the Other Guin's famiglia loves me as their own. When I also saw the faces of my friends who had gone out of their way just to attend our wedding, I know they are also mia famiglia. I just felt bad for those who were not able to make it, but who wanted to. And I feel sorry for those who opted not to for what ever reason...

I know you were there somewhere. I know you were watching us when Mum and sis walked with me down the aisle. And I know you wished you would've been there too.

God, I miss you so!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Evidence: The SDE

This is gonna be quickie post. Just got back from the hotel hide-out after the Cosa Nostra, and I must say, we had a blast! The biggest operation was a success. Though some of the operation capos messed up a bit, things still went well. A year of preparation resulted to a day of fab mafia gathering, and perhaps, the best :)

Just wanted to share with you guys our SDE by Daniel Lei and his incredible crew.  And get those hankies handy, you might need it. ;p

Miah and Kiko - The Mafia Penguins from daniel lei studio on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Dad

Dad and I circa 1986
Happy birthday, Dad. You would have been 78 tomorrow.

I am writing to you just to let you know that in 3 days, I will be walking down the aisle, to marry the man I love so dearly. Mom and JV will be waiting for me at the aisle, where you would have held Mom's hand, and walk down with me.

Things have been very busy lately, as the day lingers just around the corner. You know that we have been independent in preparing everything. I feel that somehow you are proud of what we have done, preparing and organizing everything. Well, what can I say, I had probably got that from you. Remember when we put up those parties as home: birthdays, Christmases and New Years, and even Sunday lunches? Somehow, I feel I'm so used to planning gatherings and parties because of those we had when I was kid. There are times that I think of how you would plan this day: What would you have done, your inputs, your vision, how would you have seen the whole thing. And I feel so sorry that you were not here to do what I think would have been one of those special occasions you would plan for months.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Operation: Cinderella

wedding shoes by Badgley Mischka
With almost three weeks to go, I realised I haven't found the perfect pair to go with the gown. Well, I actually found something in the malls, but it's either they are not in the color I want, not the design (but has the color), may have the same design (but still isn't what I'm looking for), too pricey, or simply does not fit my inconveniently small feet. In other words, I guess, I wouldn't have much of a choice but to have my shoes customised. 

A few of the advantages I see in customising shoes are they can be made to your size and fit (high-arched, for example, just like mine) and to your design. Not to mention, Mum would need her shoes customised as well, since she'll be needing an extra inch for one foot.

As usual, my place of refuge when it comes to searching for potential workers would be GT. It has been quite a talk that a certain Abbylynn's Footwear shop in Cubao makes customised shoes.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost a month to go

It seems that time flies fast now, and there are still a lot to do. Our to-do list are getting longer now, including our backlogs from the past months. This week: done with license application, about to pick the banns from the church (after I post this, will head to the shower na), then first fitting on Sunday. SS favors are now at hand, kept in the vault, waiting to be boxed. Invites are also done, proofs printed.

Will probably resume doing DIY soon, maybe this weekend. On our list:
 - the toppers
 - invites
 - table number holders
 - fascinators

Hopefully, we can also go back to Divi to to get our covers for the boxes.

just dropping by... now, will prep for church, then gym, then to work. See yah later.


Bridal Fairs and Events Galore: November

One more month to go before the Guins' greatest heist. I think we have all the operations covered, except for those that needs to be done at home. Well, according to the Male Guin, we are still on track with our DIYs, so I guess we can still say that we're pretty much covered.

There are just soo many things happening this month, with the holiday season coming, and Cosa Nostra. One thing I am really excited about November... if we're gonna get that cake from BIDO... 8->

Now, on with our show:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let them bloom...

It's been a light day in the office, that it bought me some time to look for some pegs for the bouquets and other flower whatchamacallits for the entourage. I had some idea of these bouquets would look like, even before we booked the florist. It seems that there are only a few people around the globe (well, that's what our good ol' friend Google is showing me) who had made something like what I have in mind. I guess I'll just have to put them together, since I can't all these in one bouquet.

[Disclaimer: pictures may be in different colors, just got them for the arrangement :) ]

Our pegs for the Bridal Bouquet: I'm thinking of sunflower-calla lily combination (like the one at the top left), but with some feathers like the one below it. The ribbon would be black with some details. Another alternative for the arrangement so bouquet wont be too big is the vertical sunflower bouquet, where we will just need to add the calla lily.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bridal Fairs and Events: October

The Female Guin is taking this opportunity to update you with events coming our way this month. I'm so sorry I had already missed a week this month. Aside from the two events I missed last week, we still have two fairs, a handful food tasting events and a wedding photography seminar coming up. So, for those who are still out in looking for their suppliers, or want to enjoy covering a wedding, or simply get ideas for your events, check these events out. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ber-ly there...

Another quickie post for the uber busy Guin. It has been a long time since I last posted something, and I'm afraid it's gonna happen again this month. Barely 2 and a half months to go, and still with sooo many things to do, it seems that we are behind schedule. Not to mention, deadlines in the office and projects, grad school projects and papers to submit; it's just tiring - so many to do with so little time.

I had just updated our wedsite, and hopefully, I can complete it within the next few days. I just feel sometimes that wearing 3 hats and having a lot on my plate are taking its toll now - not really feeling well since last week.

I just wish I can do all these at the same time >.<

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bridal Fair and Events Galore: September

napped from WeddingBee
Our counter says we had already touched down with the 2-digit countdown to Cosa Nostra -- and yes, I dont feel the pressure, and yes, I am not [yet] stressed with the preps. In fact, I'm beginning to enjoy it as it sinks in that we only roughly three months to prep. Up until now, we still haven't booked the artist to make the Female Guin and the rest of the entourage look gorgeous and fab for the clan to admire (char!). Still a lot of details to go buy, but have accomplished quite a few in the past month. 

I'm sorry for posting late this month; the Guins and the some of the crew where pretty occupied with some scheduled and unexpected missions in and out the industry. It's better late than never though (too bad wasn't  able to register in this week's fair, darn it!)...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ber Months have just begun

Today is the first weekend of September. Last Thursday marked the first day of the long Christmas season in the Philippines (well, as the society says it, when it's -ber, is Christmas). I can now hear Christmas songs playing in the mall, the radio, on tv, or even in some lifts. Everyone's excited, but I think this year, I'm gonna feel really weird about it - Christmas would mean Cosa Nostra - and the clock is ticking.

So far, these are what we have ticked off our list: